Anne Arundel County Policeman Charged with DWI & Assault on Fellow Officers

Sgt. Kenneth Collier courtesy of AA County Police

Department says it will cooperate with State’s Attorney’s internal review

Crofton, MD (Arundel News Network)– An off duty patrol officer for Anne Arundel County Police is being charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Assault on Law Enforcement Officers from his own department, following a minor traffic incident Saturday. According to The Anne Arundel County Police Department, they were called to a traffic accident on Riedel Road at Johns Hopkins Road, in Crofton, around 8:30 p.m. on January 12th. County Police officers who arrived on scene, found Sgt. Kenneth Collier a 21 year veteran of the Anne Arundel county police force, had rear ended another vehicle with his Ford Taurus. The vehicle is the personal vehicle of patrolman Collier, say police.

Upon conducting their initial investigation, responding officers had reasonable suspicion that Collier was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the minor crash. Collier reportedly became aggressive with officers when they attempted to place him into custody for Driving While Intoxicated.

A media release from Anne Arundel County Police states that an internal investigation into the incident by the State’s attorney is underway, and that Collier is on unpaid suspension pending the outcome. Police say they intend to cooperate with those investigators. He is charged with Assault on LEO, Second Degree Assault, DWI, and Resisting Arrest.

The occupants of the other vehicle were reportedly not injured in the accident.


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