BWI Checkpoint A is closed till tomorrow Morning

Baltimore, MD (ANN) – Officials at Baltimore Washington International Airport have announced that they have closed Checkpoint A at the airport in Terminal A. Checkpoints B and C are open to support entry into Terminals A, B and C.

BWI Spokeswomen Annette Fisher stated via an e-mailed statement that “In coordination with the airport, TSA is closing Security Checkpoint A at BWI Marshall to efficiently use staffing at other Security Checkpoints. Checkpoints B and C will remain open to support Concourses A, B and C. This will have minimal, if any impact on passengers and no impact on airport operations.”

Ms. Fisher further stated that “Security lines are non-existent as the combination of the storm impacting the Midwest and Northeast along with Saturday nights are usually less busy. We made a knowledgeable decision to keep A closed until tomorrow morning.”

Per TSA’s Twitter they closed Checkpoint A at around 5:30 p.m. this morning.

We will continue to monitor the operations at BWI throughout the night and tomorrow morning and will allow our readers know what if any changes BWI Officials are planning tomorrow.

Arundel News Network reached out to BWI Public Information Officer (PIO) Jonathan Dean last Friday (January 11) and Checkpoint operations at that time were normal with no reported checkpoint closures.

If you are traveling tonight or early tomorrow and you see how this is affecting travel please send us a message on our Facebook Page.


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