Delays at New York and Florida Airports

New York, New York (Arundel News Network) If you are flying into New York today you will want to check with your carrier. Extensive delays could be possible as LaGuardia Airport was forced into a Ground Stop (GS) around 9:30 a.m. Eastern and then an hour later that was cancelled and a Ground Delay Program (GDP) was implemented.

It has been widely reported that there are delays going into LaGuardia Airport as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) put the airport into a Group Stop Program due to the lack of Air Traffic Controllers available in the Washington Center Facility. This is a result of the Partial Government Shutdown due to excessive call outs.

Just after 10:34 a.m. Eastern the FAA lifted that ground stop and put the airport into a Ground Delay program.

Statement from the FAA Advisory Database concerning the Ground Delay Program (GDP)

The Group Stop Program that was implemented for LaGuardia was in place for an hour before it was cancelled and the Ground Delay Program was initiated.

FAA Advisory about the Group Stop at LGA

A Ground Delay Program or GDP is explained below

A Ground Delay Program (GDP) is a traffic management procedure where aircraft are delayed at their departure airport in order to manage demand and capacity at their arrival airport. Flights are assigned departure times, which in turn regulates their arrival time at the impacted airport.

GDP will normally be implemented at airports where capacity has been reduced because of weather—such as low ceilings, thunderstorms or wind—or when demand exceeds capacity for a sustained period.

GDPs are implemented to ensure the arrival demand at an airport is kept at a manageable level to preclude extensive holding and to prevent aircraft from having to divert to other airports. They are also used in support of Severe Weather Avoidance Plan (SWAP)

A Ground Stop (GS) is explained as

A ground stop (GS) is a procedure requiring aircraft that meet specific criteria to remain on the ground. The GS may be airport specific, related to a geographical area, or equipment related.

Delays have now started at Florida airports. The FAA has now issued the following guidance for flights leaving Tampa Airport.

As the message indicates it replaces Advisory 028 which was similar to the above message but was only due to volume issues in that area.

We will continue to follow these stories throughout today and into the weekend.


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