Drivers Warned Severe Weather Will Impact Travel in Maryland

Two Systems Bearing Down Expected To Create Dangerous Road Conditions Tuesday & Wednesday

Annapolis, MD (Arundel News Network) – Road crews are already out ahead of the storms pre-treating area roads in anticipation of the potential for hazardous driving conditions. The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration says the one two punch systems could present a rapid freeze of any precipitation as soon as it hits the pavement.

“The first storm is poised to move across Maryland Monday evening, with most impacts in the north and west quadrants of the state. The second system is forecast to form to the south impacting most of Maryland in time for the Tuesday afternoon and evening commute. An Arctic airmass will arrive as the low-pressure system enters the region, creating a sudden drop in temperatures, which could make snow and ice form on pavement during the afternoon and evening rush hour Tuesday. Any areas that remain wet after the storm departs could refreeze as temperatures are predicted to be the coldest of the winter so far.”

The key message for traveling safety is preparation. Officials are urging motorists to fuel up ahead of freezing temperatures hit so your fuel line won’t freeze. You will also want to check all other fluid levels and your tire pressure. Colder air decreases pressure.

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