Diversity Class now required before Graduation

Annapolis, Maryland (Arundel News Network) – The Anne Arundel County Board of Education voted 8-0 to approve a new graduation requirement. Starting next school year all ninth graders will be required to take a diversity, inclusion and equity.

The vote comes days after a Broadneck student used a racial slur on a social media platform. Many parents have been requesting the school board do more concerning incidents of hate and racism.

County Councilwoman Rodvien asked for the graduation requirement to be dropped. Several parents also asked for it to be an optional elective and not a requirement.


2 thoughts on “Diversity Class now required before Graduation

  • February 7, 2019 at 9:26 am

    Although I think this is an amazing idea, I this waiting until 9th grade to do this is a bandaid measure. It is far too late. By then opinions and prejudices have already been ingrained. This should be an ongoing class from kindergarten.

  • February 8, 2019 at 8:11 am

    Just depends on what they teach. Like anything else. God made all of us, so he certainly is not anti-diversity. We were all created in His image…….regardless of our skin color or the nation and culture we we born into and raised in. But still not everyone embraces God’s ways and that is where we get into trouble. If they teach acceptance of people and not acceptance of ungodly ways, then fine. For God loves people but hates sin and does not reward it, whether you believe it or not or believe in Him. Doesn’t matter. You will still have to face Him one day. Sin brings death. God’s ways bring life and life everlasting. So teach our kids godly ways. There are 4 kinds of conscience. And evil conscience is always imagining bad things and is mean and filthy and there is no conviction. A seered Conscience is dull and hard and insensitive; doesn’t listen to God or turn to God and is past feeling. A reprobate has no conscience left and has no fear of God and won’t or doesn’t repent for their wrong doings. A Godly conscience knows when to assist and knows right from wrong and will lead you to repentance. We should not defile our conscience. We will lose our sensitivity. And teaching our children the wrong things is going to defile their conscience even before they are old enough to be able to know right from wrong unless they have been taught; or make decisions.


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