Report: Joe Flacco traded to Denver

Baltimore, Maryland (Arundel News Network) – The Ravens have agreed in principle to trade veteran quarterback Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. In turn, the Ravens will receive a 4th round draft pick. The trade can not be considered official until the new league year which starts March 13.

Flacco lost his starting position during the 2018-2019 season to rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Ravens committed to building around him after drafting him in the first round.

During 2018 season Flacco played in just 9 games and was 4-5 and threw for 2,465 yards and threw 12 touchdowns. He averaged 273.9 yards per game. He started with the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 and led them to a Championship in 2012.

Some fans were disappointed that the Ravens only got a 4th round draft pick. It will be interesting if any other stipulations are put in place before March 13.

The Ravens will have $6 million in “dead” money this season due to how the NFL operates their books. Afterwards there will be about $20 million free in cap money.


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