*Update* Southwest Airlines computer upgrade grounds flights nationwide

Baltimore, Maryland (Arundel News Network) – We have received an update from Southwest Airlines concerning this morning’s Ground Stop for their operations nationwide. The ground stop was due to a computer upgrade that happened overnight that forced systems testing into the morning hours.

A statement was provided to Arundel News Network this afternoon from a company spokesperson.

As Southwest approached the start of its opertional day (2/22), the airline briefly suspended operations (for approximately 50 minutes) as teams worked to ensure performance of some of the airline’s software systems that were upgraded overnight. We are working directly with our Customers who were impacted by average delays of 40 minutes in our earliest departing flights in the East. There were no cancellations.

At the same time a Winter weather sytem that cancelled the majoirty of our flights traveling to and from Las Vegas is now moving through desert and mountain west, and this afternoon and evening will affect our large operation in Denver. Weather, along with a higher-than-average number of out-of-service aircraft, has resulted in approximately 80 cancellations today (2/22) out of nearly 4,000 flights scheduled.

We ask that our Customers check Southwest.com for status updates on their individual flights and we’re working to ensure their safe travel today.

To address the number of out-of-service aircraft, we continue to operate under a staffing protocol enacted late last week to address maintenance items and safely and return aircraft to service. Click here to read a statement issued Tuesday night from our Chief Operating Officer regarding this effort.

We do not have City-specific cancelation numbers to provide; however, we do offer city fact sheets that provide general information about our destinations served, number of daily flights, facilities, and employment numbers.

There is no priority higher than Safety and we appreciate the patience of our Employees and Customers as we work through these operational challenges.

Baltimore, Maryland (Arundel News Network) – We have learned that Southwest Airlines implemented a ground stop for all of their flights this computer due to computer technical difficulties. The ground stop was put in place around 5:30 this morning.

About an hour later per the FAA Advisory website, the ground stop was lifted. Today’s issues come after rumors of computer technical issues yesterday that delayed Southwest flights. Southwest did state at 6:05 a.m. that their Network Operations Center was aware of the issues and working on a resolution as quickly as possible.

Southwest did respond to travelers on Twitter pretty quickly.

We have reached out to Southwest Airlines Public Information Office for further comment on this computer issue.

This is a developing story and we will bring you the latest as we obtain additional information.


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