Hawkins Point Road to get repaired

Curtis Bay, Maryland (Arundel News Network) – As many of our viewers have seen there has been a lot of water on Hawkins Point Road near Quarantine Road in Curtis Bay. At times when we have had very cold weather the excess water has created severe icing issues where Baltimore City Services have had to come out to correct the issue.

Our correspondent, Michael Brown has recently contacted Baltimore City Services. After talking with several department it was determined that this was a construction department project. The issue is that there is a large water vault that is underneath this roadway that is leaking water. According to city employees this was reported to the necessary city agency last summer. Per conversations with the Construction Management Department this was reported in December 2018.

The vault is 15 feet underneath the roadway. Due to the depth of the vault, the project will cause a lot of delays in the area in all directions. Delays will extend into Anne Arundel County through Fort Smallwood Road and Hawkins Point Road towards Pennington Avenue and traffic coming off of I-695 in both directions.

Signs will be updated starting tomorrow (February 28) per a supervisor in the construction management office. They will have the signs up for 5 days for the traveling public and the work will start weather permitting on March 6 and last for 3-4 weeks.

The biggest reason why this project has been delayed is the permit process with MDTA. As we have mentioned this project will dampen traffic on I-695 in both directions and due to this permits from MDTA had to be obtained.

Arundel News Network is alerting those resident in Anne Arundel County in regards to this project so that they are well informed of this construction process. We have some suggestions for different routes

Coming from Dundalk (East)
I-695 SB to Route 10 SB to Route 648 EB to Marley Neck Blvd to Fort Smallwood Road

Coming from the West
I-695 NB to Route 2 SB to Route 270 EB to Route 648 EB to Marley Neck Blvd to Fort Smallwood Road

Coming from Pasadena to I-695
Route 100 WB to Route 10 NB to I-695


One thought on “Hawkins Point Road to get repaired

  • March 1, 2019 at 5:46 pm

    Is Fort Smallwood Road going to be closed completely, or are there plans to at least have one side of the 4 lanes closed, and have the 2 lanes on the other side as 2 way traffic?


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