House Approves $15 Minimum Wage

ANNAPOLIS, Md (ANN) – Maryland’s House of Delegates said “yes” to raising Maryland’s minimum wage to $15 a hour on Friday.

There are a number of changes to the bill which would raise the wage 75 cents every year until it reaches the $15 cap by 2025.

Some of those changes include removing a proposal to get rid of tipped credit that would affect tipped workers. Employers can also choose to pay 85-percent of the minimum wage to employees under 18-years old. The bill exempts agricultural workers as well as certain healthcare workers. The exempted healthcare workers would instead receive a pay raise through the Governor’s budget.

Now cleared in the House, the minimum wage bill heads next to the Senate before reaching Governor Larry Hogan. Hogan has already expressed concern over raising the minimum wage in Maryland.


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