Lawmakers Want Out of State Drivers to Pay Up

ANNAPOLIS, MD (ANN) – Lawmakers say far too many out of state drivers owe the state in unpaid tolls. Now, a proposed bill would identify and collect those unpaid tolls and bring tens of millions of dollars back to the state.  

Maryland’s Department of Transportation estimates out-of-state drivers owe more than $102 million in tolls and fines.

The bill would allow the state to hire a private debt collection company, tracking down drivers and getting them to pay.Maryland drivers say the money could go a long ways to helping things like infrastructure and education as well as Maryland farmers and watermen. 

Two years ago, the MDTA released a report that forecasts toll revenues from year to year. The agency estimated that Maryland would receive over $670 million from tolls.

In total, there are nine toll plazas across Maryland.


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