Fear mounts after Ethiopian Airlines crash 737 Max 8 Crash

Stockholm, Sweden (Arundel News Network) – According to our media partner FlightRadar24 more Aviation Authorities and airlines are grounding their 737 Max 8 fleet as fears continue to grow after the Ethiopian Airlines crash this week. The Ethiopian Airlines crash is the second crash in the past 6 months involving a Max 8.

Aerolineas Arrgentinas has announced a tempoary suspension of operations of its 5 Max 8’s. They have stated “By virtue of the foregoing, and until such time as technical reports are received from these agencies and entities, Aerolineas Argentinas has ordered provisionally suspending the operation of said aircraft, in order to guarantee the high safety parameters that characterize the operation of the company. “

Other airlines have also followed suit including AeroMexico which has 6 Max 8’s. The complete list is below

  • AeroMexico (6)
  • Cayman AIrways (2)
  • Chinese Civil Aviation Administration (102 B registered aircraft)
  • Comair (1)
  • Ethiopian Airlines (8)
  • GOL Linhas Aéreas (7)
  • Iclandair (3)
  • Indonesia’s Civil Aviation Authority (11)
  • Lion Air Fleet (10)
  • Air Italty (3)
  • Garuda Indonesia (1)
  • MIAT Mongolian Airlines (8)
  • Norwegian (18) – by advice of the European regulators
  • Oman Authority for Civil Aviation
  • Oman Air (5)
  • LOT (5)
  • Royal Air Maroc (1)
  • Singapore Civil Aviation Authority
  • SilkAir (6)
  • Eastar Jet (2)
  • TUI (16)
  • Turkish Airlines (11 Max 8, 1 Max 9)

Some countries have temporarily suspended all operations of the Max 8 in their airspace. Austrailia and Belgium have closed their airspace to any Max 8 aircraft operating to or from the country. Germany has outright banned the Max 8 from its airspace according to Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. While Malaysian carriers do not operate the MAX they have banned 737 MAX flights in its airspace as well. Other countries include Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

To date there has been no halt of the 737 MAX aircraft type in the United States per the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA is now under growing pressure to ground the MAX 8 Aircraft if there is a hint of a fatal flaw. The FAA is expected to order mandatory design changes by the end of April for the aircraft.

Dennis Muilenburg, the CEO of Boeing penned a letter to his employees. In part, it stated, “We are confident in the safety of the 737 MAX and in the work of the men and women who design and build it.”

The FAA and the NTSB are now at the scene of the crash and have stated in a letter “If we identify an issue that affects safety, the FAA will take immediate and appropriate action.” There are 59 operators worldwide (387 airplanes) that use the 737 MAX aircraft. In the United States, there are 74 planes MAX aircraft. Southwest Airlines and American Airlines are the only U.S. Operated Air fleets that use the MAX aircraft. American Airlines who operates 24 of the MAX aircraft has stated: “We will never operate an unsafe aircraft.” According to FAA records the MAX aircraft is still airworthy and it is too early to tell what the investigation will bring into the crash. Experts have stated that if this is a trim issue then that will be huge issue that Boeing will have to fix in a hurry and it will more than likely cause a global grounding of the aircraft.

The MAX aircraft have engines that are 40% quieter and 14% more fuel efficient. One of these aircraft’s have a cost of around $121 million and first came on the market back in 2017. They also fly about 8,500 flights a week.

We will continue to follow this developing story.


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