Maryland Moves to Become First State to Ban Polystyrene Containers

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (ANN)The House of Delegates passed a bill Tuesday to make Maryland the first state to ban the use of foam food containers and cups.

As ANN has been reporting, the House vote comes a week after the Maryland Senate approved their own version of the legislation.

The legislation, similar to what the Senate passed last week, prohibits restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, vending trucks,, movie theaters, schools and colleges from providing polystyrene food containers. 

The ban would also includes egg cartons, vegetable trays and plates. Violators face a $250 fine. There would be a one-year grace period to phase out the foam containers. The ban does not apply to products coming in from out of state.

The House voted 97-38 to approve the legislation sponsored by Del. Brooke Lierman, a Baltimore Democrat.

Governor Larry Hogan has not taken a stand on the bill as of yet.


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