WoW Airlines Cessation of Operations cause headaches for local residents

Baltimore, Maryland (Arundel News Network) – As we announced this past week WoW Airlines, Iceland’s budget airline, went bankrupt and ceased operations on Thursday March 28, leaving thousands of their passengers curious to what they would be doing for their future flights or return back to the states.

WoW Airlines was founded only 8 years ago and had their first flight in 2012. They carried a million passengers by December 2014. The airline serviced Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport with daily flights starting 2016 and initial service in May 2015.

Almost a year ago WoW announced that they were expanding service and from BWI with flights to Delhi, India via their hub in Reykjaik, Iceland. In January 2019 the airline announced that they were decreasing the number of cities in the United States that they would be flying to to just; Baltimore, Detroit, Boston and New York to assist them back to financial stability.

Flyers that took WoW Airlines out of Baltimore Washington before the cessation of operations were given the cold shoulder by the airline. Many of our viewers that have reached out to us to tell us their story has said the airline provided no information to them at all.

One viewer said their shuttle bus were the ones that informed them of the bad news. They had attempted to book with Icelandair, who also serves BWI but those lines were very slow due to the hundreds of requests that they got from other travelers. The family purchased tickets from Iceland to JFk with a layover in Tampa. They purchased tickets from Tampa to Regan. Their total price for their returns flights almost $1,000.00 per person. Other viewers have reported simliar circumstances regarding pricing for return airfare to the Baltimore Washington metro area.

Other subscribers only found out of the operations being stopped from Facebook and one viewer stated they found out from our announcement. Other viewers who booked future trips stated that they were able to contact their credit card company to get a refund. Others stated the “rescue fees” were expensive while others stated that other airlines were price gouging due to the vulnerable situation.

Fast forward to today and passengers are now reporting they can get through to the different airlines who have offered rescue fees. WoW Airlines still have not contacted their own customers who were booked and only have a “Passenger Rights” notice on their site and a “System under Maintenance” error when you attempt to book.

This still makes the question; what about their aircraft. WoW had 11 aircraft when they stopped operations. All of them were leased by one of three companies; Goshawk Aviation, Bocomm Leasing, and Air Lease Corporation. Air Lease Corporation owned 6 out of the 11 aircraft. We have reached out to them for comment. One of the aircraft still sits at BWI between the Cargo area and Signature Flight Support.

Featured photograph provided by media partner MB Media Group; TF-DTR, a WoW Airlines Aircraft sits at BWI Airport


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