Maryland House Overrides Veto on Oyster Sanctuaries

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (ANN)- The Maryland House of Delegates has voted to override Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of a bill that would establish five permanent oyster sanctuaries under state law.           

The House voted 96-43 on Friday to override the veto.           

The measure would prohibit catching oysters in the five sanctuaries. They are Harris Creek, the Little Choptank River, the Tred Avon River, the St. Mary’s River and the Manokin River.           

Supporters say the sanctuaries are critical to the recovery of the state’s oyster population, which are the foundation of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.      

Hogan says the bill is bad for watermen and disrupts a fair process of working toward a consensus.     

Last night, Hogan released a letter explaining his veto, writing, “the bill is bad policy, bad for watermen and worst of all is bad for the Chesapeake Bay.”

He also wrote, “the lack of regard for others, for the process, for the oysters is disgraceful and apparent in the actions of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.”

A Senate vote on whether to override the Bill is expected before the legislative session ends Monday at midnight.


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