Police Charge Severn Man with Animal Cruelty

Millersville, MD (ANN) —  In March 2019, detectives from the Narcotics & Special Investigations Section’s Vice Unit received information regarding animal cruelty and dog fighting activity occurring on the 1800 block of Arwell Court in Severn. The below listed suspect was identified as engaging in this activity. Detectives were able to locate a social media account used by the suspect. A video was located on this account showing a young pit bull attacking/mauling a small, white, mixed-breed puppy. Other videos showed the pit bull being “trained” in a manner indicative of methods used for dog fighting. A detective was able to contact the suspect via social media in an undercover capacity. The detective communicated with the suspect regarding setting up a dog fight. Detectives were able to confirm the dog in the video was registered to the suspect at the Arwell Court address. An agent with USDA Office of Inspector General also assisted with the investigation and provided expertise. A search warrant was obtained for the residence.  

On April 9th, with assistance from the Special Operations Section, the search warrant was executed. The suspect and the pit bull were located inside. Animal Control responded and took custody of the dog. At this time, the status and/or whereabouts of the small, white puppy is unknown.  

Arrested: Kyle Murray DOB 2-23-1993, Severn, MD

Charges:Animal Cruelty (2 Counts)

Aggravated Cruelty to Animal

Animal Cruelty-Dog Fighting

Possess/Train Dog for Dog Fight


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