Glen Burnie Man Charged With Murder of Neighbor

Suspect In Custody Following Standoff with Police

Glen Burnie, MD (Arundel News Network) – A possible dispute between neighbors may be what sparked off a fatal confrontation between two men Monday. What followed was a frightening day of swat teams, evacuations and limited information about a man shooting inside the Colonial Square Apartments complex around 7:10 a.m. Monday.

According to Anne Arundel County Police the suspect, 53 year old James Allan Verombeck of the 100 block of Virginia Lane, is being charged in the murder of 22 year old Tyrique Hudson. Verombeck and Hudson, who both live in the same building, reportedly had an ongoing disagreement. Witnesses who contacted Arundel News reported it was over loud music and the victim may have filed a peace order against Verombeck. According to court records, a temporary peace order against Verombeck was granted in February 2019, but a judge denied the final protective order.

Residents were forced to flee their apartments and homes in their pajamas with what little they could grab. Some had small children and elderly who were sheltered at the nearby Granite Baptist Church.

Others who were too close to the incident were forced to inside their apartments while loud bangs and swat team activity could be heard in the surrounding area. Residents we spoke with inside the building as the Special Response Teams attempted to make contact described the fear the felt as windows were being breached. One woman who was elderly did not wish to be identified told Arundel News that she was “trapped inside here, hiding behind a refrigerator for protection.”

Later her daughter was able to take her elsewhere with the help of the Anne Arundel County Mobile Crisis Team’s assistance. Others who were closer had no option but to wait it out. Some close enough to see police attempting contact, began live streaming the incident on social media as it unfolded.

Court records show Verombeck has previous issues with domestic violence and that led to a different protective order. He had also been in court for violating previous protective orders and weapons charges. Records indicate that the suspect had prior charges for an unregistered shotgun, reckless endangerment and concealing a deadly weapon back in 1996. Verombeck plead guilty to the unregistered shotgun in that case and the other charges were Nolle Prosequi.

A coworker who wished to remain anonymous described Verombeck as a guy with “no family, just us guys at work.”

5 p.m. Update: We have received a statement from Anne Arundel County Schools Spokesman Bob Mosier on the arrest of Mr. Verombeck.

“James Verombeck is a grounds worker in our Maintenance Division. Those employees do not interact with students and under no circumstances would have unsupervised contact with students. He has been placed on leave at this time,” said Mosier. ​

The investigation into the incident is ongoing. Verombeck is charged with:

1st Degree Murder

2nd Degree Murder

Firearm use in a Felony

Reckless Endangerment

1st Degree Assault

2nd Degree Assault

Photo courtesy of AA County Police


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