The last flight of the BAC 1-11

Baltimore, Maryland (ANN) – The Northrop Grumman Corporation flew the last flight of its and the world’s last BAC1-11 on Monday afternoon. According to AV enthusiasts the BAC 1-11 came in for a fly by and then flew in for its final touchdown.

Northrop Grumman has a facility adjacent to Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport. Aviation enthusiasts and kids a like have spotted the Northrop Grumman fleet on a random basis departing and landing at BWI over the years.

The BAC 1-11 started service in the aviation industry back in the 1960’s. Northrop Grumman has had a BAC 1-11 in service for 36 years. The company obtained the BAC 1-11’s when they bought out Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1996.

Here are some pictures that were provided by Kevin Ryer.


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